What are the presenting symptoms of metabolic syndrome?

Many. Presaging cluster of problems with metabolic syndrome is Insulin resistance associated with an apple build, weight on the middle. Insulin in excess amounts is inflammatory. Then issues such as hirsuitism, pcos, may develop in women, followed by hyperglycemia during pregnancy. Afterwards, men and women may see lipid alterations (high triglycerides, and low HDL levels. \bp problems and type 2dm comes.
NotA Disease/RiskFac. Metabolic Syndrome consists of number of conditions 1Abdominal Obesity Waist40" or more in men and 35"or more in women 2High Blood Pressure 3Insulin Resistance 4Low HDL/High Triglyserides more than 150mgm/dl 5Fasting Bood Glucose of 100mgm or more Metabolic Syndrome patients are at High risk of developing full blown Diabetes,Cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke. Prevention is key.