What are the major presenting symptoms of a severe bleeding disorder?

Bleeding symptoms. Patients with a bleeding disorder can experience nose bleeding (epistaxis), gum bleeding, coughing up blood (hemoptysis), throwing up blood (hematemesis), blood in their urine (hematuria), blood in their b.M. (melena, hematochezia), heavy periods (menorrhagia), easy bruising, and bleeding following surgery or delivery of their baby. Sometimes their wounds heal poorly as well.

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Explain the condition called a severe bleeding disorder.?

Bleeding disorder. Normal blood clotting depends on cells (platelets) and a number of different proteins made in the liver. Someone who is deficient in either will develop a bleeding disorder which can become severe. The causes are legion and include medications, infections, cirrhosis, uremia, congenital ( eg., hemophilia), autoimmune disorders, radiation, cancer and many others. Read more...