What are the common symptoms of internet addiction?

Internet addiction. Spending more hours online takes time away from other obligations, leads to change in sleep patterns, energy level, temperment & overall productivity.

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What are the symptoms of internet addiction?

See DSM. Essentially, when instead of the pleasure it becomes problematic. The person is preoccupied with the habit; spends more and more time on internet; without computer , is irritable, unhappy; time with computer instead of other responsibilities; there is no control over the habit; cont to do it despite consequences. I treat it with "physiological extinction". Read more...

What are the symptoms of an internet addiction?

Any addiction. Is hallmarked by a persistent, compulsive use of a "substance" despite negative consequences. In this case, negative consequences could be ignoring responsibilities, loss of a social life or even ignoring the basic things we all need such as adequate sleep, good nutrition and adequate exercise. Read more...