What are the common symptoms of immune deficiency (iga)?

Mostly none. Many people have IgA deficiency without consequences, presumably because igg, a different antibody, can do the work. Iga deficiency is associated with susceptibility to infections of mucosas, the symptoms are from respiratory infections such as sinusitis and pneumonias, from infectious diarrheas and sometimes from genital infections.

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What is the treatment for immune deficiency (iga)?

Good hygiene. There is no medication or treatment for IgA deficiency. You must use good hygiene and hand washing to avoid infection.

I have a 6 year old son with IgA immune deficiency. What should we do?

See below. Great resource is primaryimmune. Org which is the immune deficiency foundation. In general, IgA is one the most common pidd. Iga is the antibody that is made in the blood and then secreted to the mucous membranes. Alot of people have IgA deficiency and have no problems. Those with symptoms general have sinus infections. There is no replacement therapy for IgA deficiency.
Proactive. Healthy lifestyle. Lots of exercise and activity. Limit time indoors in cramped settings. Healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables supplement with probiotics. Good hand washing and keeping hands out of the mouth and off the face. Receive all immunizations including yearly flu shot. Nightly saline washes to clean nasal passages. Prompt treatment of infections to prevent complications.

I have a 5 year old daughter with IgA immune deficiency. Any tips for decreasing doc visits?

It depends. Symptome severity varies tremendously from individual to indivudual. Iga deficiency id not a single disease. Therefore you best bet would be to speak to your docotr, hopefully, a pediatric immunonogist, and ask to see if there is any prophylaxis for infections.
Workup/Management. One of the best ways is to prevent infection by good hand washing and vaccinations. Treatment of IgA deficiency is based on the pattern of infections and whether there are chronic infections. In addition, I would recommend that your daughter have a pulmonary function test and a screening test for Diabetes.

Have a mutation for immune deficiency (CVID2/IGAD2) associated with TACI. Normal IgA, IgM & IgG but long history of severe infections. How to test it?

? Not adding up, you can't literally have those conditions, repeated severe infections and normal measures of Ig subtypes. You need to be re-evaluated, you may simply have IgG subclass deficiency, or specific antibodies deficiency, testing for recall antigens for tetanus and pneumococcus, pre and post vaccination can prove it, treatment remains the same: IVIG therapy. Too complex for this limited platform.