What are the common presenting symptoms of rectocele?

Pressure or bulge. Many women have no symptoms with a rectocele. A rectocele can present with a bulge or mass in the vagina that may protrude through the vaginal opening. Some women have vaginal pressure or pain. Difficulty having a bowel movement is also common and many women will use vaginal pressure to help have a bm. Some woman have difficulty with intercourse or low back pain.
Some difficulty w/BM. Rectocele is essentially a "ballooning" of the rectal wall, most often toward the vagina, due to weakened supporting tissues. More comon after pregnancy/childbirth. Symptoms include a feeling of incomplete evacuation. Some people have to manually support the perineum to aid evacuation. Effective conservative therapy is fiber supplement (psyllium is best) and more fluid. Surgery results vary.
Rectocele symptoms. Pressure and fullness in the vaginal area are most common, especially after standing for long periods or with heavy work/lifting. Sometimes pain with intercourse or a feelig of vaginal "looseness". Another common symptom is trapping of stool and feeling a need to press on the vaginal opening to complete defecation. Most women do not realize they have an issue until they see or feel a bulge.
Vaginal bulge. Difficulty completing bowel movements, sometimes uncomfortable sex. Consult a gyn or urogynecologist.