What are the associated symptoms of subacute cutaneous lupus?

Rash. There are different types of subacute cutaneous lupus (scle) - a characteristic form has lesions that may have an annular configuration, with raised red borders and central clearing. A second type of scle has psoriasis-like lesions with red scaly patches on the arms, shoulders, neck, and trunk and fewer patches on the face. This rash is characteristically made worse by sunshine - photosensitive.

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What are the tests for subacute cutaneous lupus?

Biopsy, blood test. Rashes are not always easy to diagnose. Simple acne or severe plaque psoriasis may not require further tests to diagnose the condition. In scle, the rash may require a biopsy which is the very best test. Blood tests may reveal a positive antinuclear antibody (ANA) and a positive ssa antibody.

What tests tell if you have subacute cutaneous lupus?

Tests for cutan lupu. Extractable nuclear antigen known as ena, also known as antiro/la antibodies are aalways positive in patients with subacute cutaneous lupus and skin biopsy may be diagnostic. Direct immunoflorescence test may show positive antibody deposition along the basement membrane.

What is the definition or description of: Subacute cutaneous lupus?

Subacute cutaneous lupus. This is an autoimmune disease which is exacerbated by sun exposure. It includes a rash on sun exposed areas such as the face, chest, and arms. It may be seen in Inc. His and in adults. It is often associated with abnormal immunology studies such as an SSA and SSB autoantibodies. The treatment differs versus on the severity of the skin lesions and includes both topical and oral medications.

How do the rashes associated with annular lichen planus and subacute cutaneous lupus differ in appearance?

Different rashes. These rashes differ a lot. Your dermatologist can explain which you have. Each rash has different appearance and different distribution. Each of these lesions can have central clearing but sub-acute cutaneous lupus can be widespread and annular lichen planus less so. Their picture differs a lot.
Lupus vs lichen. Too hard to explain with words! A photo of each would explain it all! See your dentist or look for photos online!

What is the treatment for subacute cutaneous lupus?

No sun, some Rx. Sun protection, topical steroids. If no better in 2-4 weeks, cortisone injections into the lesions or topical calcineurin inhibitors. If still no better in 2-4 more weeks, oral hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial medication. There are even further treatment for refractory cases but the above usually works.