What are the symptoms of vascular disease?

Highly variable . Highly variable...Sometimes a symptomatic until latter & irreversible stages. Talk to your physician & get appropriate screening for you.
Vascular disease. From head to toe (almost): stroke, TIAs from carotid disease; pain or discomfort with exertion in arms (or legs with walking) from extremity disease which can also cause gangrene or ulcer or hand or foot pain; chest pain from coronary or aortic disease; pain or fullness after eating or weight loss from mesenteric vascular disease; high BP or renal insufficiency from renal disease most commonly.
Multiple. The symtoms are muliple and varied depending on which vascular bed is involved. Coronary arteries: chest pain , shortness of breath and possibly myocardial infarction. Carotid arteries /and or vessels supplying the brain: stroke/tia. Renal arteries:high blood pressure. Aorta and blood vessels suppling the extremities: leg pain , leg weakness.These are only a few.

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What are the symptoms associated with vascular disease?

Two types. Arteries (vessels that flow away from heart to body) and veins (vessels that flow from body to heart) have different symptoms. In artery disease - lack of blood flow to muscles produces loss of ability to use muscles and if acute may produce pain, pallor and loss of pulse. Venous disease presents as varicose veins and progressive swelling of affected area - usually legs. Heart vessels-chest pain. Read more...