What are the symptoms of osteosarcoma?

Pain, swelling, fx. The initial symptoms are often nonspecific but generally include intermittent bone/ joint pain that involves primarily one area and that becomes more persistent over time as well as development of a mass/ swelling in the area around the tumor. Occassionally patients will present with a fracture throught the tumor.
Pain & swelling. Osteosarcomas usually occur in long bones, more common in young people and present as pain in the affected bone, with swelling if bone is superficial. Sometimes the symptoms follow an apparent injury to the bone.

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What are the symptoms of osteosarcoma (bone cancer)?

Pain and/or a mass. Since the cancer damage the surrounding bone, tiny fractures produce pain relatively early, perhaps a sudden fracture of the whole bone eventually. Or the patient may discover a lump on a bone. Imaging is the mainstay of diagnosis and if you have bone pain lasting more than a week or have found a mass, a physician's office visit is on order. Peace. Read more...

What kind of symptoms occur in osteosarcoma?

Nonspecific. Presenting symptoms are often nonspecific at first and include pain that may be intermittent and then progressive, swelling / mass in the area of the involved bone. Symptoms often develop over weeks to months before patients seek medical attention. Infrequently patients may present with a fracture through the tumor/ involved bone. Read more...

What are the symptoms of when osteosarcoma spreads to a lung?

Typically none. Usually the spread of osteosarcoma is detected on routine imaging with no symptoms. If the spread is on the outer edge of the lungs, this could be painful. Rarely does it cause difficulty breathing. This highlights the importance of regular ct scans of the lungs in osteosarcoma. Read more...