Is it safe to co-sleep with your baby?

No. The great wisdom of soloman was expressed in the bible after a woman had "overlain" her infant & stole a baby to replace it. Though comforting to babe (who would like to be back in the womb) or mom (who loves being a needed). The danger is the same now as then. Babies die every year from this practice. They leave the womb with great potential & can learn to sleep alone if you let them.
No. Co-sleeping with your baby raises the risk of suffocation. In addition you create a higher risk of sleep disorders. Obviously in certain socioeconomic group there are no options.
No. Generally, cosleeping is not safe. There are some cribs and basinettes which can be placed right up against the side of your bed so that your baby is close to you, but still on a safe, firm, approved sleeping surface. Never let baby sleep on a soft thick pillow or blanket.