What are the possible symptoms of scleroderma?

Tight skin. Tight skin is characteristic but there can be a variety of other symptoms such as raynaud's, shortness of breath, chest pain, trouble swallowing, other GI symptoms, etc. Each person with scleroderma has a different set of symptoms and different type of scleroderma involvement.
Hard Skin. In Scleroderma, autoimmune inflammation leads to fibrosis, thickening and tightening of the skin. In some cases, only the hands are affected, making fingers appear claw-like. In other cases, the arms, legs, upper back and face can also be affected. Other symptoms include Raynaud's, acid reflux from esophageal dysmotility; shortness of breath from lung fibrosis and increased pressure on the heart.

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Could you tell me what are possible symptoms of scleroderma?

There are many. The most common is a change in the texture or elasticity of the skin - feels harder or thicker, there may be symptoms of cold sensitivity of fingers and toes with color changes on cold exposure, shortness of breath, diffuculty swallowing and many others. If you really concerned you should see a rherumatologist. Read more...