What are the obvious symptoms of having tonsil stones?

Bad breath and crud. The major symptoms of tonsil stones are bad breath and crud that comes out of your tonsils. These stones can be very uncomfortable to patients. The only sure cure is to take your tonsils out.
Tonsil stones. This is a very common problem. Most people can manage the condition by frequent gargling with listerine or hydrogen peroxide, gently brushing over the area with a soft brush, or using a water pik to dislodge them. Sometimes there may be some blood trying to dislodge them. Continue good oral care but if problems worsen, see ENT to check.
Try removing them. Get a penlight and a mirror and half-unbend a paper clip. You'll get good at it. If it's truly a nuisance, a otolaryngologist can laser-resurface your tonsils.