What are the common symptoms of meniere's disease?

3-4 classic symptoms. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), ear fullness, vertigo (false sense of motion), and hearing loss. All these symptoms can be episodic meaning that you can be completely fine one moment and then you will experience 1 or more of these symptoms spontaneously. This cycle may repeat itself.

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Can someone specify for me the symptoms of Menieres disease? Are the constant or intermittent?

No, because variable. From person to person & time to time and still not well understood. Look up: https://www. Google. Com/search? Q=Meniere%27s+disease+symptoms+and+treatment for multiple discussions. The one by Mayo clinic is a reasonable presentation.
Menieres disease. It is symptom complex of episodic vertigo, tinnitus and progressive hearing loss, usually intermittent, get early intervention to get control the progression.

Are menieres disease symptoms constant, or like an intermittent thing? Can they occur several times per hour?

Yes both possible. In Meniere's disease, the episodes of symptoms are usually characterized by periods of remission and exacerbation. However, the period of length that the symptoms last is variable. For example, the feeling of dizziness (vertigo) may last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, but can also last for several days on rare occasions. Other symptoms include worsening hearing and ringing.

I have possible menieres disease, because of constant ear infections. But there is a chance for a tumor. What are the symptoms for inner ear tumor?

Dizziness. Symptoms can include hearing loss, dizziness and imbalance. So, they can be similar to meniere's disease. Usually a tumor can be ruled out with an mri.
Unclear. 3 distinct issues. Ear infections, menieres syndrome and inner ear tumor. None of these issues has anything to do with the other. Menieres is fluctuating hearing loss with tinnitus and vertigo (comes and goes). Ear infections are pus in the middle ear leading to severe pain and hearing loss. An inner ear tumor (acoustic neuroma) presents with progressive difficulty hearing. Please see an ENT doc.