I have got a swollen knee which is very painful particularly after resting and hot burning, aching. Need to rest I have difficulty walking?

Most likely Gout. When you have swelling knee and hot we have to think of 1-infection.2- inflammation.3- arthritis. Please go to the doctor have check it out .
You need evaluation. A swollen knee can be present for many reasons and you need an immediate evaluation. The big worry is infection and this needs to be evaluated and the fluid drained and cultured and evaluated. The joint fluid will also clarify other diagnoses. Your evaluation will include an examination, fluid removal, x-rays, other imaging like ultrasound or MRI to start.

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I walk a lot, my right knee gets irritated and aches around the kneecap with a swollen lump on the outside. It improves with rest and ice.

Arthritis. You could have arthritis or tendinitis of your knee an other possibility would be damage to the patellar cartilage. You should at least get x-rays done to check it if your knee gives out then it is more serious. Please see an orthopedics surgeon or your primary care doctor. Good luck. Read more...

Outer & back of knee pain along with calf ache, mild swelling, dull/burning thats worst when sitting/laying down. Ok to walk. Hurst more while resting?

Knee pain. may be Bakers cyst ,tendonitis,hematoma though they should hurt more with exercise. Also though rarer in a male consider a clot, becasue clots are dangerous would f/u today with doctor /urgent care may need sonongram that can visualize clots , bakers cysts or a hematoma. Read more...