Is loose stool a rare cause of stomach cancer and how rare is stomach cancer in my 20s?

Rare things are rare. A person can never tell if he is the rare unlucky one to get cancer at a young age. More importantly, a person cannot live his life worrying about rare bad events, like getting struck by lightning. So, the best one can do is live a healthy life, see the doctor for evaluation, and then every month for follow-up (if the patient or dr. Continue to worry). Loose stools cannot cause stomach cancer.
Very unusual. Loose stools do not cause stomach cancer. Additionally, this would be an uncommon symptom of stomach cancer. Stomach cancer in the 20's is also very rare, but not impossible. I have unfortunately taken care of a few patients this young. It is usually related to a genetic mutation or a heritable syndrome. See your doctor for details.

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I feel acid in my throat no matter what I eat and all throughout the day I also have loose stool that are light coloured could it b stomach cancer?

Reflux. Acid sensation in the throat is due to reflux and not usually a sign of stomach cancer. Loose stools are not a sign of stomach cancer. Read about reflux here and see a physician if your problems are persistent . Read more...

Upper left stomach and rib pain. Loose stools. Burping. Wind. Headaches. Slight food reflux for 2wks. Weight fine. Appetite fine. Could it be stomach cancer?

Lots of poss answers. The possibility of cancer exists, but, so does a mild infection. My main suggestion-based on the 2 week history alone- is to see a doc to get an appropriate exam and work up. No one will be able to answer your question beyond this without the added information. Read more...

Age 27 - loss of appetite for 2 weeks, belching, bloating, early satiety, loose stool - probability of stomach cancer? No pain or vomiting.

GI illness. Stomach cancer would be at the bottom of the list of possibilities for a 27 year old. You need to be seen by a GI doctor who may want to perform esophagogastroscopy (EGD). Or you might want to start out with your family doctor and go from there. Hope this helps. Read more...