How long do canker sores last i.Bit my lip hard and its almost been a week and i.Have two of them on my lower lip?

14 days. On average canker sores have a life cycle of 14 days.
APHTHOUS STOMATITIS. Painful ulcers occuring in lips and buccal mucosa can persist for more than a week to months. Topical steroid cream are used to oral steroids due to recurrent in nature sometimes associated with fever and dysphagia.
True Caker = 12 days. If it's a true canker sore, it should be healed without scarring at about 12 days. However, since you also had trauma in that area (a bite), the wound may take longer to heal. In either case, however, the canker itself should be gone within about 12 days, while the bite may take longer.