When do I start giving my baby stage 2 baby foods?

Forget Stages. Once kids have reached 4-6 months, there is no benefit of delaying any food to prevent allergies. From 6 months until they are learning to walk, kids are eager to learn new flavors; they will put almost anything in their mouths. Introduce as many new, real flavors as you can during this phase. On avg 6-10 tries and they will like it. Teach textures too.Learn more at http://www.Feedingbabygreen.Com.
6-8 mo. Most babies are ready for this between 6-8 months. The stage 2 foods are still pureed, just not strained.
Outgrows stage 1. I will tell you a secret: there is no difference whatsoever between stage 1 and stage 2 foods-- it's the same puree. The only difference is the jar! once your baby can easily polish off a whole jar of stage 1, it's time to start buying stage 2.
Stages are Worthless. At best the only difference in food stages is thickness or chunckiness. Nutritionally there is no advantage to baby food over safely prepared table food.Baby food is in fact, only for convenience.