Can a biopsy show how aggressive squamous cell carcinoma of the skin is?

Yes. The borders, the extent of invasion, the depth of invasion, if there is perineural (around nerves), intravascular (within vessels), mitoses (number of division bodies), and if there is necrosis (cell death): these are all measures of how agressive a cancer is.
Excision BETTER. A complete excision (cut out) will provide the precise pathology of a skin cancer. The problem with biopsy is a 'sampling error' may miss the exact pathology.

Related Questions

Had a skin biopsy of nose that said actinic keratosis with dilated pore of winer. How likely is this to be wrong and be a Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

Why do you ask? This is one of the most basic calls for a pathologist. It is like asking a zookeeper to identify an elephant. If you are worried for whatever reason, ask for a second pathologist to sign off.

How often does Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin metastasize? Pls don't say "not often". Ie. 1%, 2%, etc is what I am wondering- thanks

Rarely! I would say the chances of metastases are somewhere between 1% or less. It depends on the degree of differentiation and the size of the primary lesion before it was removed. Poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinomas, if more than 1-2 cm in size have a higher risk for metastases...up to 5% to 10%. I hope this helps. Send us the pathology report, then we can be more exacting in our response.

Is stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck always incurable?

No. Stage iva head and neck cancer is usually curable. If it is confined to the primary site (example base of tongue) and spread only to neck lymph nodes, it can be cured with radiation/chemo, sometimes surgery added.

How should I take care of my skin if I have had excision of squamous cell carcinoma?

Covered. Keep area covered and lubricated. Depending on rea avoid excessive movement. Do not wet area for about one week or until sutures are removed. Do not use any scar creams for the first 6- 8 weeks. Go to follow up visit, and go for routine visits to diagnosis an early skin changes. Use us screen and avoid mid day strong sun.