What is the best remedy for athritis?

Rest and NSAIDs. Arthitis involves inflammation of the joint. This can be caused by inflammation or degeneration (aging). It can be mild, moderate, or severe (bone on bone). Treatment includes rest, warmth or ice, and nsaids (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like advil (ibuprofen) or aleve). For every 10 lbs. A person is overweight, their knees see 40 lbs. With each step. If overweight a little weight loss can help a lot.
Many - which arthrit. Question is which arthritis. There are hundreds of types of arthritis, and we need to define which one to treat. The general approach includes exercise, medications, and define the function and structural consequences of the arthritis. Basically your arthritis needs to be defined to your individual involvement. Your rheumatologists will help define your best therapy.