What can cause a creatinine increase with a low blood pressure and no other signs or symptoms of kidney disease?

See below. Diabetes or ureter disease scarring or glomerulonephritis less commond.
Creatinine andBP. Typically, fluid losses or blood losses will cause lower BP, and the lower BP will cause reduced kidney blood flow and thus creatinine rise. Over use of. Certain meds will do the same thing. Fever and infection can do same. Cortisol deficiency can do same.

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Can low thyroid mask symptoms of high blood pressure caused by kidney disease? Is blood pressure of 170/150 a medical emergency?

BP of 170/150. Your blood pressure is significantly elevated and is, therefore, poorly controlled. Your hypothyroidism is not masking it. As a young woman, you need to speak to your physician (P) about either increasing your BP meds, from one to more agents and considering the fact that you have secondary hypertension (SH) and working up for that possibility. See you P for more help, as your P knows you best.