Should a patient who is on methatraxate be given the shingles vacine?

No issue! The methotrexate is activated by a process called polyglutimization. It takes 2 and one half months! Missing two MTX shots is meaningless!
Shingles vaccine? Methotrexate suppresses the immune system, one condition that is a contraindication to giving the shingles vaccine (since it is a weakened live virus vaccine); so no, pts on mtx should not be given shingles vaccine.

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Should methotrexate patients get shingles vaccine?

Dose dependent. This judgement has to be made by the provider. Technically low dose Methotrexate is not considered a contraindication to receiving the shingles vaccine. But only your provider will have a full picture of your immune status. Shingles vaccine is a live vaccine and not given to those with significant immunosuppression. Read more...