Is it rare to have reflex sympathetic dystrophy in the knee?

Yes. Rsd or chronic regional pain syndrome is usually seen in the upper or lower extremities and usually involves a wider area than the knee itself. For instance, we may see it involving the calf, ankle and foot or hand wrist and forearm. I have heard of this diagnosis being made in a single joint like the knee but I have never seen it myself.
Yes. Rsd affects larger areas such as the ankle and foot or an area from the knee down to the foot. I have even seen the entire leg affected. Upper extremities can also be affected. An isolated area such as the knee would be very uncommon for rsd.
Not at all. RSD commonly affects extremities, particularly in locations susceptible to trauma. The knee may be involved secondary to a blunt trauma or sports injury, and after surgery such as arthroscopy or joint replacement.

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How common is it to get reflex sympathetic dystrophy in the knee?

Uncommon. Not frequently seen. The rsd diagnosis is not a diagnosis because the cause is unknown. To my mind symptoms can be explained by chronic soft tissue injury & this would need assistance of a physician. Natural non-toxic therapies are unquestionably efficacious. On my chronic pain board at quora. Com is explain my unified theory of chronic pain.
Rare. Rsd is a rare disease and it does not usually start at a specific point like a knee. It's possible knee pain is from rsd but unlikely.

Can reflex sympathetic dystrophy cause the small saphenous vein to stick out of the leg w/ below knee swelling?

It can. It can cause basically any dystrophic change in the lower extremity although what you describe is not specifically pathognomonic for CRPS. Has someone diagnosed you with that?

Could I have reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy without skin changes? Sev pain and sens after a sprained wrist 9 mon ago.

Yes. Yes. Not all patients have the full range of findings. Whether you DO have the disease, I cannot say without a detailed history and physical examination. The modern name of the disease is CRPS—Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It can be difficult to treat. I recommend you see an experienced specialist at an academic center, if possible. Good luck.

What are usual tests for reflex sympathetic dystrophy?

See below. There are no specific tests for causalgia which is an old term for what is not referred to as complex regional pain syndrome. In causalgia, called crps type one there is usually some associated nerve injury so we may do a test called an emg/ncs. Often we do a test called a 3 phase bone scan but this test is not definitivein all cases. Mostly we rely on our physical examination to make the diagnosis.

What is the definition or description of: Reflex sympathetic dystrophy?

RSD. RSD/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a diagnosis of exclusion. It is an injury that results in pain that seems disproportionate. It typically involves the extremities. Physical signs can be cool skin, loss of hair, sweating dysfunction, loss of hair, shiny skin, loss of bone density. Treatment is physical therapy, but pain may prevent this. Sympathetic nerve blocks can reduce pain to help PT.

Are there rsd-reflex sympathetic dystrophy support groups?

Careful w groups. See my other answers on rsd, support groups can be a good way to talk to others who have the same disease as you, be careful of bias and opinions. Some groups have a group think mentality that can lock you in to a mind set and lead you away from some therapies that may completely reverse most of you pain.

What are the best treatments for reflex sympathetic dystrophy?

Multidisciplinary. A multidisciplinary approach is critical. Providing pain relief while pushing for aggressive physical therapy is key. See a board certified pain specialist asap.
EARLY DIAGNOSIS! The most important treatment is early diagnosis, which can make a difference in success. Aggressive home passive and active range-of-motion excercises, heat soaks (avoiding ice), along with medication management, is key to early success. Often sympathetic nerve blocks are useful. Seek a pain specialist soon for the best chance for success.

Does reflex sympathetic dystrophy cause fatigue?

Not typically. Rsd (or complex regional pain syndrome) does not typically cause fatigue in my experience. Some of the medications we use to treat this condition can cause fatigue though. If someone is having walking problems because of rsd in the foot or leg, they might feel fatigued because it is much harder to walk normally.
It can. All pain processes have the tendency to cause tiredness or fatigue.