I found a tiny tick in my 1 1/2 month olds ear. I got it out, but now what? Should I call the doctor?

Give Dr a phone call. In california, the western black-legged tick can bite deer and humans, and can carry lyme disease. If the tick is kept in a plastic container with a little piece of moist paper towel, it can be sent to the lab along with the doctor's lab form. The doctor may treat with antibiotics if the lab finds lyme disease bacteria, if the bite site has a bull's-eye rash, or if there are other worries.
Make an appointment. This depends on the situation of how the child might have got the tick. If he/she wasa playing outside in grass and by trees, it could be more likely to be a deer tick, that can carry lymes disease. If not, it can still be a tick or some other insect, or a mite. In any case, a quick visit to the doctor, preferably with the tick, is the best thing to do.