Invasilign technology advantages and disadvantages?

Orthodontist helps. To decide whether invisalign or regular metal wire orthodontics are better, one needs to see an orthodontist. Most will give a low cost (or sometimes free) initial consultation. The invisalign is clear plastic, so hard to see on adults who don't want to have the "braces look", but some types of badly positioned teeth are harder to move without traditional wires, which can control individual teeth.
Great Most Times. Advantages: virtually un-noticeable; easy to clean; remove to eat anything you want; brush/floss normally; comfortable; predictable for most tooth movements; sometimes faster than metal braces. Disadvantages: if you don't wear them as directed, they don't work; can't fix every type of bite problem; might cost a bit mor than traditional braces; not appropriate for kids; not ideal for bone problems.
Simply put. Advantage is entirely esthetic, clear trays are almost invisible. Major disadvantages are that trays average 90% correction when supervised by qualified Orthodontic Specialist (treatment by General Dentists less effective), cost more, take longer. Please see an Orthodontist for examination (usually free) and discussion of your personalized options.
Very easy . Invisalign is capable of movement in teeth requiring mild to moderate 'straightening' in a relatively natural and inconspicuous (of not invisible) way. BIGGEST disadvantage is that patient compliance controls a successful outcome..if the patient is NOT compliant: frustration, delay, and additional expense are common.
Esthetics. Invisalign is an orthodontic procedure that has as its sole advantage of being more cosmetic. I have practiced orthodontics for many years, and although invisalign has become more sophisticated in recent years, it is a poor substitute for conventional orthodontics. Most doctors that use it are general dentists, whose education for invisalign use is as little as one weekend. Orthodontists? 3 years.
Cost, time asthetics. Invisalign typically costs more and takes longer, but has the advantage of being more aesthetically pleasing during treatement.
Clear and removable. Invisalign is an excellent treatment modality for adult and teen patients who desire orthodontic treatment using clear, removable tooth aligners instead of traditional orthodontic braces. Braces are affixed to the teeth using a dental adhesive, while invisalign aligners are removable. For those folks who lose things easily or are "absent-minded", fixed braces may be a better choice.