Is chemo preferred even if bmx, & no infiltration anywhere? (er weakly positive 1/3, negative her & pr) thank you

Need more info. Will depend on the stage, any lymph gland involvement?, your preference? What do you mean by weakly positive er? 1 %, 2%? If this is a triple negative breast cancer- chemotherapy is the only thing you can get to reduce your risk for cancer recurrence. Discuss further with your md the pros and cons of chemo.Ultimately decision is yours..Nobody will do anything againsts your will. Good luck.
Depends. "bmx" is bilateral mastectomy, or surgery to remove both breasts. "no infiltration anywhere" could mean either dcis (stage 0) disease, or limited-stage breast cancer. Chemo decision is usually made by looking at the tumor staging, overall health of the patient, patient preference, and biomarkers like her-2, er, and pr. Cancer.Gov is a good resource: http://goo.Gl/bfss3 best of luck to you.