What would be a better choice I regards to fixing a two year olds front tooth? Have it pulled and deal with the no tooth til 8 or baby root canal?

Have it pulled. In the long run it would be better to have it pulled rather than have a root canal, in my opinion.
Baby teeth. Best to have the teeth filled and preserve them till the child is older to avoid orthodontic issues that can result due to early loss of the tooth. This can at times require a root canal.
Appropriate treatmen. Keeping these teeth after appropriate treatment will prevent speech problems, drifting of side teeth, delayed eruption of permanent teeth due to fibrosis in gums which might require surgery , and personality problems due to lower self esteem and pear teasing.
See a pedodontist. If could be saved than would recommend getting pulpotomy and a crown or fill whatever treatment dentist recommended..And save the tooth as the permanent teeth will not errupt till age of 6 to 8 years...Not only would be helpful with chewing but also help with cosmetic.
Save if restorable. If your dentist deems your 2 year old's front tooth savable, i'd suggest you move forward and have the baby tooth root canal and corresponding restoration. It wouldn't normally be that traumatic procedure and that baby tooth holds the spot for the adult from tooth and it might also damage your child's self esteem as they get older. I'd only consider pulling if the tooth is beyond fixing.