I am in cycle day 224 and several neg pg test. Used Clomid (clomiphene) to get of with my son. I have never had a cycle this long.?

See a doctor now! Please, please, please see a doctor who understands female reproductive cycle soon. Cycle day 224 is completely 'out of the road.' there may be a very easy solution, but before you focus on fertility issues you need to be evaluated for underlying causes. Most are not harmful but many do have risks, close this window right now, click on your browser and find a good local obg to help you!
More info needed. More information would be needed to address this issue. An ultrasound of the pelvis would be helpful. Lab tests that would include thyroid tests, ovarian antibodies, progesterone, estrogen, dhea, pregnenolone, testosterone, vit. D3, prolactin. Estrogen and Progesterone levels on day 12 and 21 if a month, .