I have a stabbing pain in my ear a few times a day.?

MAYBE REFERRED pain. Up to 40% of ear pain (otalgia) is not ear related. The most common causes of non-ear otalgia overall are: TMJ , tonsillitis eustachian tube dysfunction, throat problems (infection or tumor) cervical spine (neck) disease recommend getting seen to check the ear for an obvious cause or 'referred pain' possibility.
TMD? You may have a problem with your jaw joint. When teeth contact in a way that forces your jaw backwards, some people have ear pain. See you dentist for an evaluation.

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Periodically I get the most severe stabbing pain in the outside of my ear, no earache, no cold no allergies. Just happens out of the blue.?

Outside of your ear. Are you referring to the front of your ear? A sudden, electric shock like pain in the face on one side may be due to a condition called trigeminal neuralgia. There are treatments for this, and your physician can examine you and take a history to diagnose this. Read more...