When will my baby's teeth start to come in?

Usually around 6 mo. Although babies can be born with teeth, usually the start to come in around 6-8 months of age.
8 months. The average age for your baby's first tooth is around 8 months of age, though the range of normal is anywhere from 3 months of age to 14 months of age. There are babies born with teeth (natal teeth), even. A child who doesn't have a first tooth by 15 months of age should be evaluated further by a pediatric dentist.
It Varies. Anywhere from 4 - 12 mosof age, and even then it can vary.
4 months. Most babies start teething between 4-6 months of age. Sometimes, the first tooth may not come in until 12 months of age or even later.
6 months or later. The lower middle incisors (front lower teeth) are usually the first to come in. They appear at about 6 months, although some normal babies don't get their first teeth until several months later. The doctor, at each regular check-up, can follow the progress of a baby's teething.
6 months. Many infants have their first tooth erupt around 6 months. Usually, the first teeth to come in are the lower central incisors (center teeth on the bottom). Of course, like everything in pediatrics, the timing can vary. Some infants can be born with teeth (called natal teeth) and some have don't have their first tooth erupt till after their first birthday.