Should I wean my toddler before my new baby is born?

Unless you plan. to tandem-feed, nursing the newborn first, wean your toddler now to avoid its being a cause of sibling rivalry. Wean to an open-mouthed cup. Limit milk & milk products to 16-21 oz./day. Juice is not needed. If 15 mos. or older, (s)he may resist weaning. Use bright-colored plastic cups; cut out a semicircle so his/her nose isn't inside the cup. If (s)he hasn't seen a pediatric dentist, it's time.
Yes. I am absolutely in favor of breast feeding for every mother and new infant. I also think it is fine if a mother decides to breast feed as long as possible. We had six children and my wife breast fed them all for a total of 132 months. However when a mother is pregnant and about to deliver and is considering breast feeding her new infant, i think the nutrition priority is the newborn infant.