What severe weather emergencies or natural disasters are most likely to kill you?

Flooding. On average, U.S. flooding kills more than 100 people a year — more than any other single weather hazard, including tornadoes and hurricanes, according to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). Heat waves also kill thousands! About 10,000 people died during the heat wave of 1980! A lot depends on where you live also. Hurricanes and earthquakes more common on the coasts.
Lightning. My understanding is that lighting kills more each year than all the other natural disasters. Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, insect and snake bites, shark attacks all have a certain death rate but they don't add up annually to the number that lightning causes. When the clouds converge, seek shelter, and don't get in that extra hole on the gold course.
Weather & disasters. Per the National Weather Service.30 year average statistics: #1 - flood, #2 - heat, #3 - tornado, #4 - lightning, #5- hurricane, #67 - winter weather. Last year (2016) - flood was followed by heat were two top causes of death. See: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/hazstats.shtml.
Droughts and Floods. Drought and flooding are the most deadly natural phenomenon. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes might seem like the most dangerous natural hazards you could ever face, but statistically floods and droughts actually kill more Americans over time.
Disasters. A very tough issue but you and the family must do all you can to stay in your house if possible. If not, local police will likely go from house to house to help you.

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What severe weather emergencies or natural disasters are most likely to occur in virginia beach, va?

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Virginia Beach, VA. Hurricanes, tropical storms, local flooding, and storm surges from storms are the most likely risks. . Read more...
Disaster/ Weather . Strong winds, flooding, thunderstorm winds, hail, tropical storms and snow are the primary risks in that area. The risk for tornadoes or earthquakes is lower than the national average. See: http://www.usa.com/virginia-beach-city-county-va-natural-disasters-extremes.htm. Read more...