Does anyone else suffer visual distortions before migraine headaches?

Yes, very often. Visual distortions are often part of the aura that precedes the onset of headache in patient with classical migraines. Use this! often, if you take your abortive medication as soon as the aura starts, you will be able to stop the headache before it becomes debilitating. Remember- earlier is better!
Absolutely! 60% of people who experience migraines report having warning symptoms that occur hours to days before the headache starts. These symptoms can include changes in vision, mood changes, light or sound sensitivity, and others.

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Can you tell me about suffer visual distortions pre-migraine headaches?

Classical migraine. The visual distortions are auras associated with the onset of the event and are due to a chemical electrical alteration of neuronal function called a spreading depression which causes malfunction in the occipital lobe initially resulting in the visual scotoma or loss of vision. Read more...
Aura. Many people suffer a variety of different visual disturbances prior to developing a migraine. This is known as an aura. The disturbances may vary from seeing black wiping out part of your visual field, to seeing wavy lines or spots before your eyes, that may even persist once your eyes are closed. For more information on migraines see: Read more...