What is nipple confusion?

Nipple confusion. Breastfeeding and bottle feeding are very different with respect to the way a baby needs to suck. Breastfeeding requires the baby to have a wide open mouth with the tongue down and curled under the nipple. Some babies can become "confused" if artificial nipples from pacifiers and or bottles are introduced early, before breastfeeding is well established.
Lactation terms. Many breast coaches will use this term to describe the idea that a baby will not work to start breast feeding if they are offered a pacifier or bottle. They say it promotes nipple confusion. In three decades of doing this I have found it works opposite. If kids never try a pacifier or bottle, mom's have a hard time getting them to wean or use one. I consider it bunk.

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Does nipple confusion exist?

Yes. Simple thought process... Does your nipple look like the nipple on the bottle? Of course not, and so baby will naturally react differently to both forms of feeding. Many babies will still do fine no matter what, but some babies will have troubles switching back and forth. This may create troubles with breastfeeding and so try to avoid doing both unless 100% necessary.
Yes. A newborn gets confused because he doesn't know why he has to latch on, suck, and move his tongue a little differently when he is feeding on a regular plastic nipple, compared to when he is feeding on a breast. A baby may prefer the regular nipple because formula comes through the hole easily and immediately. With a breast, the milk takes a little time to start flowing, which may upset the baby.

How can I resolve my baby's nipple confusion?

Pick one and do it! If you want to breastfeed and bottles or pacifiers are causing problems, then stop the bottles and pacy and breastfeed away. Essentially practice, practice, practice. Try eliminating alternate nipple forms for 3-4 weeks and establish a good pattern and then, only if needed, reintroduce bottles and/or pacifiers.
Breastfeed. Breastfeed more than bottlefeed if possible, choose bottles that intend to be used with breastfeeding and intend to minimize nipple confusion that are low-flow like first years breastflow bottles.

Can you tell me how to keep my baby from nipple confusion?

Ignore it. The only time I really saw this (in 3 decades) was when a baby absolutely refused a bottle at 10 mo when mom went to the hospital for surgery. I look at this as an excuse offered by the titty police when kids struggle with breast feeding. Human infants can figure it out, the issue is a myth in most cases..

What is the definition or description of: Nipple confusion?

Nipple confusion. This term is used for breastfed infants that are offered other types of nipples, such as bottles and pacifiers and this can interfere with successful breastfeeding. The infant tries to use the bottle-feeding technique on the breast and has difficulty latching-on and sucking.

Does nipple confusion exist? Pediatrician's recommended bottle and paci @3 days old due to bloody nipples. I want to BF but baby doesn't frustrated

For some babies. It does exist for some babies. The problem is there is no way to tell which babies will have trouble and which ones won't. There is definitely a group of infants who, once they get fed from a bottle, refuse breast because it is more work. The majority of infants don't care - as long as food comes out the end, they will feed. I know you're sore, but try to get through a few more days- it will clear.

Past two days I pumped 3 times and left breastmilk to mom to give it to my 2, 5 months old boy. Does it diminish milk supply or cause nipple confusion?

Breast feeding. Breast feeding or breast pumping on regular basis every 3 hours helps to stimulate milk formation. Also you need to eat healthy & drink lots Of fluids. Good luck & enjoy your baby.

My 5 mo old fusses, becomes agitated five minutes into breastfeeding. She is formula fed when I'm at work, is this due to nipple confusion? What can I do?

Unlikely confusion. Nipple confusion is more likely if a kid refuses a bottle because they want the breast or vise versa. Your baby may be noticing the change in flow rate that comes naturally during bf. After 5 min the flow rate can slow (80% empties in the first 5min). The flow rate with a bottle varies only with babies suck. Try switching sides after 5min & let her go back if willing after another 5/side.