Vascular ultrasound vs. Doppler ultrasound?

Together=Duplex. Doppler involves the use of reflected sound waves to evaluate the flow of blood in vessels. Vascular ultrasound evaluates the structure and architecture of blood vessels and can be used to visualize blockages in arteries and veins. Using these together is called a duplex scan and is what vascular labs all utilize for diagnosis. Always look to see that the lab you go to is accredited by icavl!
US and Doppler. Ultrasound is the use of ultrasonic sound to image tissue. Doppler is an ultrasound term referring the Doppler effect described by HC Doppler, which uses sound waves to insonate a moving object, e.g. red blood cells in a vessel, to determine the direction of blood flow and flow velocity. Duplex uses B mode ultrasound to image tissue structure and Doppler to determine fluid flow.

Related Questions

What exactly is a doppler ultrasound?

Doppler ultrasound. A doppler ultrasound uses sound waves to measure flow through vessels. When blood goes through a vessel it changes the sound waves in a way that will give us an idea if there is any obstruction or reduction in flow. This is very noninvasive and very helpful.
Bloodflow ultrasound. Doppler ultrasound uses sound waves to measure flow through vessels. When blood goes through a vessel it changes the sound waves in a way that tells about the speed and direction of the flow in vessel. This is noninvasive and very helpful.

Is it normal to need a doppler ultrasound?

To check blood flow. Doppler ultrasound gives information about blood flow, increased, decreased, velocity + direction or absence. Very useful in making or confirming many diagnoses and used to examine many organ systems including, but not limited to heart, blood vessels, liver. Kidney, ovary or testis to rule out torsion.

Doppler ultrasound safe for fetus?

Doppler ultrasound. A doppler ultrasound is used to measure flow. It uses sound waves and doesn't hurt the fetus at all.

Is there something they will give me for anxiety when I'm doing the doppler ultrasound?

Not necessary. A doppler ultrasound is a painless exam. There should be no need for an anxiolytic medication. If you have a condition that will cause you to have undue anxiety for an ultrasound exam, you should discuss it with your physician so that proper measures can be taken, and medication prescribed in the rare event that it is needed.

I went for a Doppler Ultrasound but the injection they gave me Didn't cause me to have an erection is that a bad sign?

Injection? Definity? What injection did they give you during the ultrasound? Was it a contrast injection of agitated saline or Definity? I'm not sure who / why you expected to have an erection, but that (like all side effects) isn't a common or expected reaction to contrast. Either the lack of an erection is no sign at all, or a good sign that you didn't have problems with the contrast injections. No more & no less.
Erection. I would not expect the injection for a Doppler ultrasound to give you an erection!

How much does it cost to have a doppler ultrasound?

Costs vary. I don't know what you are having a doppler ultrasound of but, in general, you can call and get prices from hospital and imaging centers in the area in which you live.

What is the definition or description of: doppler ultrasound?

Blood flow. Ultrasound machines use sound waves to detect density differences (masses, cysts). The doppler mode provides flow information: what direction? Is it blocked?
Duplex ultrasound. An ultrasound machine uses a black and white image in two dimensions and a pictorial representation of blood flow as a waveform and direction of blood flow by the use of color, to visualize body parts and blood vessels.

Could a doppler ultrasound damage leg?

Not unless.... Unless the sonographer is really strong and was pushing on the leg really hard there is no way a doppler sono can cause the leg harm. Back in the early days of ultrasound research after wwii, navy surplus sonar transducers were used to image fish. They were so powerful that fish were killed. This is not an issue with diagnostic equipment.
NO. This is not an issue with diagnostic equipment used to ultrasound legs.
Not likely.. May need follow up scan if still symptomatic.