Should I get a vcug for my 2yr old daughter after first UTI at 24mths? Dr wants ultrasound & vcug

Yes. Current recommendations for the work up of a UTI for young children up to 2 years includes a renal ultrasound as well as a vcug. Other factors may influence this decision: fever with uti, gender (boys of any age require work up), recurrent uti's, urination problems, growth problems, high blood pressure and family history of kidney problems.
Debateable. Many little girls get their 1st UTI at about age-2-years, around toilet training age. I personally recommend avcug if child also had a fever or back pain, suggesting possible bladder reflux, associated with uti. Academy of pediatrics recently advised waiting until a child has a 2nd UTI before getting a vcug. Thus yes to ultrasound. U decide about vcug, but always get a urine test if UTI suspected.
Yes. All girls under 2 and boys of any age should be worked up after their first uti. Either a VCUG or a negative acute phase dmsa scan are necessary to insure that the kidneys are safe. See: http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=1nbwkiug8vi and http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=tggfht6jrm4 for more info.
Yes. Vcug & ultrasound exam of kidneys and bladder are typically performed after a documented febrile UTI in infants and young children. These exams are to determine whether or not a child has an abnormilty in his/her urinary tract (from kidney down to urethral opening) which predisposes the child to develop recurrent utis and resultant scarring in kidneys.
Not necessarily. If your daughter is potty trained then no further workup is necessary. If your daughter is not potty trained current thinking allows one urinary tract infection without fever without a workup: ultrasound and vcug. If there is a strong family history of severe urinary tract disease then I would recommend the work up after the first urinary tract infection.