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I have pcos I am taking oral contraceptives how long I can take them as when I stop them I get acne and hirsuitism and missed periods?

Spironolactone. You may want to discuss the types of ocps and their relative adrogenic properties. Many with pcos use spironolactone for its anti-androgen properties in combatting the acne associated with pcos.
Talk with MD. You are young and unless you want to become pregnant you should have no problem taking them til your mid forties. Your endocrinologist is the one you need to address this question to.

Which side effects can I get from using oral contraceptives before having children?

Please go online. To read that or discuss with your obgyn as your obgyn should go over possible side effects you could get, most women do quite well on pills and the benefits for the vast majority of people far outweigh the risks and the pill will not prevent pregnancy after you have stooped it.

Hi, Do Oral Contraceptive Pills Stop Or Reduce Acne Thank You?

Usually. I never promise my pt's anything. But I have put some of the girls on bcps for acne and it seems to help them quite a bit.

Do you think the effectiveness of my oral contraceptive for preventing acne could have gotten worse over time?

It's possible. There is a medical phenomenon called tachyphyllaxis in which medicine becomes less effective over time. This may be happening, or your hormonal balances could have changed also.

Is OTC oral contraceptive pills good for my skin if acne prone?

Usually. Most hormonal contraceptives will improve acne by reducing ovary and adrenal androgens. Some pills are even medically indicated for acne, although most will have that effect.