Who here recommends uses of smokeless tobacco over smoking?

Pick your poison. While lung disease risk may be lower with nasal and oral tobacco, you will get higher risk of oral, head and neck cancer. The most compelling reason to switch from smoke to smokeless is cutting down second hand smoke exposure for your friends and family. They will appreciate it, especially when they see the horrible suffering you endure after your head and neck cancer surgery.

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32yo male recently diagnosed with hbp. Quitting smoking and smokeless tobacco. Is it safe to Vape as an aide or should I just go cold turkey?

Cold Turkey. Although it is "safe" you will still have the effects of nicotine on your blood pressure management. In addition I have rarely had a patient successfully quit when they "wean" off. The ones that are most successful go cold turkey. Good Luck. Take the big step to better health and longer life. Read more...