What If no forms of chemotherapy work on a colon cancer pt who has a liver met? Are there other options?

Radiation and surgery. Aside from chemotherapy, the 2 types of treatment for cancer are radiotherapy & surgery. Liver mets, if they block a duct or cause a "local" problem can be treated with radiation beam to alleviate suffering. If the patient is strong enough to withstand it, surgery and/or brachytherapy (radiation implants) can be tried; however, colon cancer is a systemic problem and chemo is the main modality. GL.
Single liver met. If you have a single liver metastasis, surgery may be an option. Talk with your oncologist.
Options. Ask your oncologist if any of the following options are applicable to your case: metastasectomy, RFA or SBRT.

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If chemotherapy fails what options lfd metastic colon cancer? Mets to liver, peritoneal, lymph node?

Experimental therapy. Some cancer centers do research on patients with aggressive cancers or cancers who do not respond to usual treatment. Although after chemotherapy, there are not very many options and people would like to keep patients as comfortable as possible. Hope it is helpful. Read more...

Since on chemotherapy, each month in a row CEA rising as: August 9.8 Oct 8 Dec 9 Jan 10 Colon cancer pt with a liver meta. Is this progression?

No Chage, in reality. CEA values can not be reproduced exactly. So there is some flucctuation which is normal. There is no real difference unless CEA were to increase by 50% or more. Yours did not change, so I would say the tumor is not changing...or it would be called Stable. Therefore, the same treatment can continue unless there is clear cut progression( CEA value of >15-20 ng , in your case) Read more...