Can you experience spotting from taking Plan B while also on birth control?

Sure but . yes you can but more importantly you don't need to take plan b if you are on birth control. Birth control pills prevent pregnancy so taking plan b is not necessary .

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I took a Plan B pill jan 1st 2012 I starting spotting and starting birth control jan 17 I haven't had a heavy flow jus still spotting what is going on?

Could be normal. If you took the Plan B 1/1, started pills 1/17 without a period, spotting for the first cycle is completely expected. However, if you haven't had a period yet, you should also check a pregnancy test to make sure that early pregnancy isn't the reason you are spotting. You should remember to use condoms for the first 2 weeks with starting birth control pills. Read more...

I had unprotected sex 3 days ago. I took 12 birth control pills in two days because I could not afford the plan b pill. Now I have a weird smell and spotting for about 20 minutes. The sex was pretty rough and it was my first time in months. I'm 31 yrs old

12 BCP in 2 days. Dose of leveonorgesterol in plan b is 1.5 mg total. if you took a combination pill the amount of is 100-250 ug/pill. So you have a higher dose ( 2500 ug is 2.5 mg)- up to double the dose. Vagina spotting is a side effect. The odor may be bacterial changes /infection. Also combo pills have estrogen w/ increase clot risk.F/u w/doc >if swollen leg or short of breath go to ER immediately. Read more...