Cervical stenosis Hematometra US no thickening fluid debris. Pelvic discomfort. Dr isn't worried says fibroids US 6wks then D&C. I'm scared please help?

Don't Worry. Hi Debra, If you are in pain, this would push me to recommend acting surgically sooner rather than later. At 60, you should have no accumulation of blood and very little clear fluid or mucous. Even though the Ultrasound said no thickening, I would take the opportunity to sample the lining of the uterus just to make sure. I am sure that everything will turn out fine.

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Cervical Stenosis Hematometra post menopausal pelvic pain Fibroids. Dr wants 2wait 6wks b4 D and C. No thickening or blood. Can this resolve by itself?

Possibly yes. If your cervix is stenotic, you can accumulate "fluid" in your endometrial cavity which may be mucus, not blood? Bleeding will usually not occur if your cervix is closed The fact that " no thickening" of your endometrium was noted on sonogram is reassuring and means you probably do not have " hematometra" and that the "fluid" may resolve spontaneously in weeks to months.Ask for an office Pipelle. Read more...