I need medication for my adhd?

ADHD MEDS. How do you know you have ADD? Many adults I see, think they have ADD, but they actually have other conditions. I recommend seeing a Board Certified Psychiatrist for a Comprehensive Evaluation. The Stimulant medications, like Ritalin (methylphenidate) and Adderall are powerful medications and are very closely related to Crystal Meth. They can be addictive with lots of side-effects. I usually try alternatives.
Pcp or psychiatrist. You will likely need to follow up your primary care physician or psychiatrist who diagnosed ADHD for further management of setup for an intake with either for further treatment. Many medications for ADHD are controlled substances that cannot be prescribed through the offerings of health tap given dea regulations and the software available to us.
Med. you need to consult your doctor or arrange a consult with a Healthtap Doctor.
Diagnosis first. Before starting medication to treat ADHD you should consult your doctor to determr if there are medical problems causing your symptoms. Next ask for a referral to clarify what type of interference with your attention. After these two steps, if necessary, your doctor may refer you to a Neurologist or Psychiatrist for treatment if necessary.
Eucalyptus. is found mainly in Australia. There are over 700 different species of this flowering tree. Unfortunately we at healthtap are unable to prescribe "lifestyle" and psychiatric medications on line. Best find a neuropsychiatrist, psychiatrist or attention specialist locally.
Controlled substance. Due to potential for misuse, ADHD meds are prescribed by the physician who has the medical history consistent with the diagnosis. Pl check with your primary who can arrange for monthly refills you would need.