Is there an inexpensive non-prescription wipe other than tucks (witch hazel)?

Witch hazel. Tucks pads contain witch hazel as the active ingredient. You can get this in generic form and some cotton pads. This should work fine. Tucks shouldn't be used as wipes. They should keep in contact with hemorrhoids to reduce the swelling.

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Is there an inexpensive non-prescription medicine other than tucks (witch hazel)?

No. Tucks, (witch hazel) such as tummy tucks (witch hazel) or lifts, not only remove fat, but also skin. There are no medications that can do this.
Tummy tuck? What do you mean by tuck? If you mean tummy tuck, no there is no medicine out there to replace it.
Tucks (witch hazel) TUCKS Medicated Cooling Pads contain witch hazel which can provide temporary relief but some doctors don't recommend them due to potential drying effects on skin.