My mom was recently diagnosed with tubular carcinoma. Why?

Breast Cancer. Tubular carcinoma is a rare form of breast cancer where the microscopic appearance of the tumor cells resemble tubes. These account for only about 2% of breast cancers and usually carry a good prognosis with low risk of lymph node metastasis. Treatment is usually conservative surgery followed by radiation +/- adjuvant systemic therapy depending on other factors.

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My mom was recently diagnosed with tubular carcinoma. Whats that?

Breast cancer. I think your mother is diagnosed to have breast cancer, if not please let us know. Tubular cancer is one type of breast cancer that is usually less aggressive that the more common type (ductal cancer). However, treatment is essentially the same, if the cancer is small and early stage, partial mastectomy with breast conservation, lymph node sampling and radiation afterwards is usual. Read more...