Hello Doctor, I have large pores on my face. Dermatologist told me to do laser treatment to remove it. Is laser treatment really works and is it safe?

Safe and works well. It doesn't get rid of it, just reduces the size of the pores. Find the right laser as not all lasers are alike. Stay away from IPL and check out YAG lasers. You will need a few treatments. It's totally worth it. Get a free consult with different doctors before committing to one. Make sure someone very experienced is doing it too, not just a salon person, but someone who's medically trained by a dr.

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Hello Doctor Please tell me Are laser treatment work to remove large pores on face. Its safe? Any side effects?

Laser treatment . In general facial pores are not treated with laser therapy. I would advice you wash your face with mild soap multiple times a day to keep to pores open and dry out. Read more...