When a pericardial window is done for chronic pericarditis, where does the continued fluid/blood drain? How is it re absorbed?

Into the chest. If done correctly, the pericardial window will open the enclosed pericardial sac and allow it to drain into the left or right plural space. Usually left. The layer of cells in the plural space in the lung has absorptive capabilities to absorb water and extra fluid..

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I had a pericardial window 4 years ago (pericarditis, pericardial effusion/tampenade -1 liter blood). Could chronic pericarditis cause frequent anemia?

Not exactly. Amy, there are medical conditions that can lead to both a pericarditis and to anemia but pericarditis in and of itself should not cause anemia. I'd recommend checking with the doctors who treated your pericarditis as they likely did some tests to find the root cause before they drained it and performed the window.
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