I have small red bumps on the top of my mouth and a stuffy nose any clue what it could be?

Probably a virus. Try OTC meds for nasal congestion and gargle your mouth with saline water. If you have fever, or don't get better in a couple of days, you need to be examined for a definitive diagnosis.

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I have tiny red bumps on the tip of my tongue it feels numb and I also have a sore throat and stuffy nose?

Possibly a virus. It sound as if you have a viral infection of the sinuses. There is not much you can do to treat viral infections. Try using a nasal irragator (these can be purchased at a specialty pharmacy) if you have a fever than you may be dealing with a bacterial infection such as strep throat. So if you do have a fever you need to see a doctor to determine the proper antibiotic and dose. Hope you feel better. Read more...