What is the cause of trembling hands?

Many possiblities. Tremor of the hands may be due to hyperthyroidism, alcoholism, an early sign of parkinson disease, nervousness etc. It would be prudent to see your doctor for an evaluation and treatment.

Related Questions

What are some causes of severe trembling hands?

Several causes. Trembling hands, also known as tremor, has many possible causes. These include neurological conditions such as essential tremor and parkinson disease, but also other causes such as sleep deprivation, excessive caffeine, and anxiety. Discuss your symptoms with a doctor; neurologists who are movement disorders specialists have the most expertise in tremor.
Many. There are many causes of tremulous hands. Very few causes actually have to do with the hands themselves. There are many types of tremors with different characteristics and frequencies. Normally they are neurologic in origin. I would recommend evaluation by an neurologist.

What could be causes of visibly trembling hands when outstretched?

Many causes. Benign familial essential (meaning of undetermined cause) tremor is the commonest form. Other important causes are thyroid disease, anxiety, hepatic malfunction, side effects of medication etc.

What can cause trembling hands and voice?

Essential tremor. The most common condition that can cause both trembling hands and trembling voice is essential tremor. Various medications can be helpful- discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

What causes trembling hands?

Several. Medications, lots of caffeine, family history of heredofamilial tremors, use of activating recreational drugs such as meth or cocaine, diseases such as parkinson's or multiple sclerosis., hyperthyroidism.
Benign. This could be a benign intention tremor. This is a benign tremor which occurs when you try to use the hand for a specific task. I would recommend a neurologist for an evaluation.

I've got mild trembling hands. What's the cause of this?

Could be many things. And nobody can answer that question without seeing you, evaluating the tremor, taking a history, looking at your medications and getting a full evaluation. Anxiety, excessive caffeine use, side effects of many medications, and underlying neurological diseases may all cause shaking hands. If this is a new problem, talk to your pcp or see a neurologist. If you drink lots of coffee etc., cut back!