Bad chest pain radiating to back and down left arm. Went to ER & normal Troponin, normal EKG, normal chest X-Ray & normal D-Dimer. What could it be?

See below. Chest pain can result from organs in the chest: heart, lungs, pleura and from the chest wall: costochondritis. Heart conditions range from coronary artery blockage(less likely at 19 years old) to mitral valve prolapse and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Insufficient information to give specific advice. For patient info see: and Consult your physician.
GI? Muscle? Probably the most common non-cardiac pain in a young man is caused by esophageal spasm, reflux or gastritis. Muscle strain/cramp can also cause this. The chest x-ray should have excluded something serious like aorta problems. I see you do have anxiety...anxiety can also be at the root of chest pain like this. Practice your relaxation techniques, use meds as directed, see your therapist/counselor.

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Why after stressful situation, I got mild chest pain&tightness, upper left arm pain for 10 hours.2 times I went to ER but EKG blood work, X-ray were ok?

Evaluation. It sounds like it's time for a more thorough evaluation by a doctor with a stress test and re-evaluation of your blood pressure and cholesterol. Often cardiac symptoms do not produce abnormal ekg, x-ray or blood testing in the emergency room. You are of an age, with classic worrisome symptoms, that it's worth the time & effort. Read more...

32 yo male, chest pain, left arm pain, went to ER. Passed blood test, xray and ekg all is fine. They think its reflux. But why do I get pain in arm?

Arm pain many causes. Arm pain is not related only to heart ischemia. The good news is that all cardiac related tests were negative for heart problems. Please follow up with your doctor. Start also to pay attention to the severity of pain in arm and what activities usually cause pain to increase or disappear. Hope you will get better with reflux treatment - diet and anti - acid treatment help. Read more...

19 y/o, normal EKG ECG and chest x ray taken 4 months ago. Could slight chest pain radiating to left arm be do to heart problems or thoracic spine?

Chest pain. There are many causes of chest pain, the heart is one, intestinal gas and thoracic musculoskeletal pains are very common, anxiety and panic attacks likewise are frequent causes. You should always ask the doctors who see you what they think is the problem you came for and what to do about it. Read more...