What are good rehab exercises for a partial anterosuperior acetabular labral tear?

PT. Typically certain stretching exercises for your hip flexor, it band, and glutes are begun. It's important to do these with an experienced pt and to not push past the pinch preoperatively. Abductor strengthening exercises are very important in the next phase. You should see your hip doctor prior to starting a pt protocol to ensure your diagnosis is correct.
Best to see PT. There is typically several stages to the rehabilitation of this injury. Rehab also includes changes in gait and activity to avoid future injury. It is usually best for patients to see a professional physical therapist for the quickest and most efficient return to usual activities.

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I have an anterosuperior hip labral tear, trochanteric bursitis and femoral anterversion. What does all of this mean?

Multiple things here. The labrum is the bumper around the edge of your hip socket. It can tear causing clicking and pain in the groin with hip rotation and loss if motion. This is fixed arthroscopically . Trochanteric bursitis is inflammation on the side of your hip where the hip abductor muscles attach causing an achy pain on the side of your hip with walking, stairs and sleeping on that side. Ante reversion means th. Read more...