Had malignant hyperthermia and my doctor used lexotanil. My legs improved but still can`t pass stool due to constricted muscles. Is dantrolene better?

Good luck. Malignant hyperthermia is a very rare illness and it is a life threatening illness. Hospitals keep specific medicine available for such events. We used to share the medicine between three rural hospitals within 10-20 miles radius. What we used to have was dantrolene. What I am trying to say is that hospitals usually do not have many choices. They have to use what they have. You might have same reaction anyway.
Probably not. If malignant hyperthermia symptoms in your legs improved after whatever medication your doctor gave you during surgery, it is unlikely that the anal sphincter is still affected. More likely, your inability to pass a bowel movement may be related to an ileus from the surgery itself, which will improve in a few days. You should discuss this with your surgeon and anesthesiologist. Good luck.

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Is dantrolene efficient for sphincter contraction that won`t let stool pass after malignant hyperthermia. Diazepam is not working?

Malignant hypertherm. Dantrolene is a treatment for MH that should not be needed for long-term therapy. If you are having post attack muscle spasm, a muscle relaxant like robaxin (methocarbamol) may be more helpful, but perhaps you need to be on Danteokene longer until symptoms subside. Your pain specialist or anaesthesiologist should be able to help with that. Read more...