Adhd med right 4 me? Diagnosed as child. Procrastination, organization issues, bored easily, temper, restless, impulsive, but school unaffected.

Probably not needed. if you are able to perform well at school, then you probably don't have a significant in attention problem, and rather some anxiety or other emotional issue. Pl get a new evaluation with the psychologist as you may need behavior therapy rather than ADHD meds. Best of luck!
? ADD SYMPTOMS. Typically, Adults exhibit problems with Task Completion, Concentration on the subject at hand, ongoing interpersonal relationship(s), increased anxiety as a result of the overall ADHD condition. They do not necessarily have behavior and/or mood control problems. When placed on medication like Adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) or Ritalin; the anxiety levels decrease, attention abilities improve, and tasks are completed.